Thursday, January 19, 2017

Tap Shoes

I got tap shoes this week!!!!  It came because we were trying to get more people out teaching with us.  We got Brother Fitzgerald to come out and we started talking about life and what we did before the mission. I mentioned that I did a little bit of tap dancing and all that stuff.  I found out later that that week that he had a pair of tap shoes he never wears and wanted to give them to me.  I was happy and grateful and took them.  I now own a pair.

This week has been a good week.  We have gone on 2 exchanges and had a fun time teaching.  We had Elder Brown and Vaoga (both Polynesians) come to our apartment for exchanges. That would mean 3 Polynesians in the Tallmadge apartment.  The amount of food they ate was tremendous. We also had Elder Whipple and Elder Runger.  They came to our apartment for exchanges. There was not much food consumed.  Both of those exchanges I took to the road walking.  Let's just say I am so grateful for the cars and the bikes that we have.  I also learned about charity.  Elder Whipple is a good example of it.  He was able to show how much charity changes people.

Mark and Pam came to church!!! That was super exciting.  They are progressing.  We had a little wrench on Monday but we were able to get that fixed and have them back on their way.

Last Wednesday we taught Sarah.  She was a member referral from the branch and we taught of the Restoration with 3 other members from the branch.  It just was comfortable to teach and very spiritual.

Last thing that really happened is Amber.  Amber was an investigator from the Tallmadge sisters but she moved to our area.  We were able to meet with her and able to hear her story of how she was found.  She never gets Sundays off but did on her mother's birthday.  So she decided to attend a church.  She was already late to many services and wasn't going to attend those but found one up in Cleveland called The Word church. When she got there she wanted to find a nursery for her autistic child. There wasn't one but there was a huge field that he could go play in.  Well Carter, the child, threw the biggest fit and cried and just made everything miserable for her mom to the point that they decided to go home.  On the way home Amber was furious and just done with life and with autism.  That was when the Sisters knocked on her door. She took that as a sign and has been meeting with them ever since.  It was awesome to hear that because sometimes we forget that tracting is effective.  It isn't just a waste of time.

"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." -Philippians 4:13

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