Wednesday, February 22, 2017


That's the way I've spelled it today and so that is the way I'll keep it today.

This last week I have had the flue and so I spent 2 days in. I had no energy and I felt like crap.  It was good though because it really helped me realize how relaxed I have gotten.  It really helped me be more obedient.  It was good.

With that not much happened.  We had Harold, Bruce, and Raju come to church which was awesome! Bruce and Raju have baptismal dates set for March and April. Harold on the other hand has a kinda sketchy personality. We feel like he is a pathological lair. Meeting with him we hear so many different stories that just don't add up.  Some of out members don't get a good feel for him either.  We will see as time goes on.

This week we also picked up a kid (in our big white stalker van [just sounds so bad]) as a new investigator.  His name is Tyler.  He  is a wrestler like Elder Hopkins is and so they were able to connect and we are like best buds.  He lives on the same street as one of our members so we are going to get the member to start taking him to church.  He comes from a poor family background but he knows he needs to go to church.  It's awesome because when we came back the 2nd time he already felt the Spirit.  He read the part of Joseph Smith in the pamphlet and told us he got a weird feeling. We kept talking and helped him realize what it was.  It was awesome to see and now when we go over he just willing comes out. It's so cool.

The weather is getting warmer. I'm feeling better. It's all good.
Have a good week.

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