Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Well I am now here in Strongsville.  I am really enjoying being in a group of 3.  It never gets boring.  We just non stop laugh and make jokes.  Work is a little bit harder and moving slower.  That will change as time goes on.

We met with this guy named Roger.  He has been meeting with the missionaries for a while but he hasn't really gone anywhere.  We found out yesterday by someone who knows him that he has been lying to us about his commitment.  We don't know what we are going to do with him further.

It really has just been a week of dropping and a week of figuring who is where and what their commitment level is. Nothing to much to report on.

I can report that I have been fed well.  I had steak one night. I ate at Buca de Beppo another night.  It's great!

Well that is all for this week.

“Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid” John 14:26–27

Elder Tuitavuki on Exchanges
Akron Zone

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Last..

Well this is I think my final area.  I am being transferred to Strongsville to be in a triple up.  This area is going to be so unlike all the East sides I've served in.  It should be fun.

So Raju is so prepared.  He is so going to be baptized.  We met with him again this week and finished the commandments.  He accepted them all and was willing to start applying them.  He is so prepared.  So excited for the 8th of April.

We met with Jen again this week. We have a good relationship with her and we see that progressing forward.  That will be great as well.

We did a lot of walking.  Also a good amount of biking.

Just remembered about he funeral info from last week.  We get there and had to plan it 15 minutes before the whole service went down.  That was fun.  The Mormons ended up running to funeral.

"Be ye doers of the word and not hearers only." James 1:22

 Law Firm that wants Zach to go after the Insurance Company of the guy who hit them last week.

                                                                Folder it came in.

                                                                 Letter to Zach

Police Report 

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

It's been a really really messed up week

Those are the lyrics I feel fit this week and I will continue to explain why.

Last Wednesday in the evening there was a huge wind storm that knocked out our power from 1:30ish to 7ish. It was a long time and since that time the weather has just dropped.  These last few days it has been cold and we have got a lot of snow.

Thursday we had zone conference which was awesome and great.  We were able to learn a lot about faith and such.  That was a good day.

Friday we learned that Bruce committed suicide and was successful.  This was a complete surprise.  We have been working with him for the last month, he came to know the Book of Mormon was true and he had a baptismal date.  That threw us into a lot of family drama in which we were able to meet with his significant other.  Now we are helping her come to find peace during this tough time.  To go along with all this drama we get to attend a funeral today.  We get to speak and say a prayer.  Now the hard thing is getting to the funeral.

Saturday was a good day. We were able to get our University of Akron poster almost complete. We just have to post things on the board to make it go forward. I was also asked to teach gospel doctrine the next day.  We didn't have a manual or anything of the sort to teach.  I also had to speak the following day.

Sunday comes up and I get a manual while I attend the ward and so I'm planning my lesson during sacrament meeting and Sunday school while also trying to finalize my talk.  We had branch council and a meeting with the Tallmadge bishop. It just was crazy but I was real glad when it was all over.  The best part comes after church.  We were driving to our din din appointment and some guy swerves into our lane and doesn't stop or slows down and hits us.  We swerved out of the direct hit but needless to say our car was gone.  They had to tow it and so we are now asking for rides from everyone else.  This leads to today. We have no way to get to the funeral to speak. It's in Canton and we live in Cuyahoga Falls. A long way.

So Monday we biked to Raju and reset his date for the 8th of April.  He was relieved and we were too.  We thought we lost him this last week because he was starting to show those signs of not being interested any more.  Luckily we met with him and he was just super busy and had a lot of work. We also saw our truck and a big piece from the bottom of the truck fell out.  We also learned that the soonest we can get a car would maybe be this weekend. We cried.

Tuesday was horrible weather.  It just was snowing a cold.  We luckily were on exchanges and split the car for half the day. When I ended up walking I wore everything winter I had.  From 2 scarves to 2 layers of socks.  It was cold.  We entered a members home and they were just shocked that we would walk to their house in the snowy weather.  Luckily we were able to help her out and giver her son a Book of Mormon.  He was really happy and didn't let go of it the extent of the time we were there.

I look back at this last week and I just laugh.  It's been crappy but just laughing about the struggles makes them so much better.

So that was my week. I'm alive and well but thanks for tuning in the the life and struggles of Elder Vance. 

"Remember how the Savior handled tough questions... He remained calm, He showed respect, and he taught truth, but he never forced anyone to live the way he taught."—Elder Ronald A. Rasband

Friday, March 10, 2017

1999 Pokemon Tokens from Burger King

This week we had someone who was not accountable come to church.  We went through our area book and called this guy named Sean who had been taught but never been dropped.  We read that his last lesson with the missionaries was Genesis 24.  It also said that the one time he came to church he bore his testimony.  We called him up and he told us that he would always want to talk about Jesus.  We invited him to church as well. Things were looking good for us.  We had the Newbolds pick them up.  They are the Senior couple in the YSA branch.  So when he comes to church we see that he isn't there all the way.  During the sacrament he wanted to say another prayer to help him with a job or get a job. After the sacrament he was asked to introduce himself.  He wanted to bare his testimony at the same time. Note that this was after fast and testimony meeting.  He gets up and starts venting about Facebook and about how someone was talking bad about him.  This ended up being the theme of the whole church service.  It was funny.  So when we were separating for classes he comes up to us and asked us if we are pokemon fans.  We were like no but he proceeded to pull out his Burger King Pokemon Tokens from 1999 and showed it to us and then kept talking to us about Pokemon. So then we start walking to class.  We start talking to someone else about their week and life in general and then in the middle of it he interrupts and starts talking about his problems and Facebook again.  It was frustrating but funny.  I felt like I was babysitting at this point.  We get to class and he wants to say the opening prayer.  The Branch at this time knew that that shouldn't happen so we tactfully put it on someone else.  Class starts and he makes some interesting comments and that goes until the end of church.  Well at the end of church we have a potato bar because it's fast Sunday and we have a pot luck at the end of church.  We are to help set up and he kept being by the food.  I was afraid he was just going to start eating so we had to tell him to help us set up.  More babysitting.  Then the food starts.  I luckily got away but Elder Hopkins was stuck sitting next to him and talking to him.  It was funny but then I decided to go over there and help.  He just wasn't there all the way just from that conversation.  The sad thing is we learned that his father was drunk when he was 3 and dropped him on the head. It was just so sad to learn that. In the end we updated the teaching record and we aren't going to contact him again.

On the more positive note we had Raju, Frank, and Bruce come to church. Bruce actually brought his son Jayden and he loved it.  It was so touching to see him teach Jayden about the hymn books and to also see the love Bruce had for Jayden.  Just so great.

Also this week I went on an exchange with Elder Tuitavuki. He is another one of the Polynesians in our mission.  I realized after the exchange that I have been on an exchange with all of the Polynesians in the mission that I could possibly go on an exchange with.  It was so cool to realize.

Nothing too huge happened the rest of the week. Just regular missionary work.

"Behold, verily, verily, I say unto thee, thou art not called to go into the eastern countries, but thou art called to go to the Ohio." Doctrine and Covenants 39:14
Found that this morning, Have a great week!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

March 1

I'm done with the subject lines. I'll start doing dates unless something sticks out to me.

Well this week I'm going to be brief and just share the two miracles we have seen. Both of them took places on exchanges which really shows that miracles take place on exchanges.

The first one was Francine. She is awesome. She is a member referral from Sister Wanzo and she met with us and we were able to teach her.  We have a baptismal date set for April 8 with her.

The other one was Frank.  He is also a member referral.  He is planning on getting married to a member and is willing to do anything to get baptized.  He has a baptismal date set for March 25.  That one is really soon but he is prepared.

Bruce is doing great.  He was sick this last week so we weren't able to meet with him.

We found the Dorsey family in our former investigator sheets and we were able to pick them as new investigators.  They were taught back in Las Vegas and some missionaries found them here back in 2006.  We found them here 11 years later.  Really cool.

Last is we had a crazy girl name Sarah call us on the phone.  She is crazy and wants to come to church. She also would like to meet with us.  More details to come next week if I remember.

Well the weather is warming up and here is a scripture I found this week that I like.
"And by your hands I will work a marvelous work among the children of men, unto the convincing of many of their sins, that they may come unto repentance, and that they may come unto the kingdom of my Father." Doctrine and Covenants 18:44