Wednesday, March 15, 2017

It's been a really really messed up week

Those are the lyrics I feel fit this week and I will continue to explain why.

Last Wednesday in the evening there was a huge wind storm that knocked out our power from 1:30ish to 7ish. It was a long time and since that time the weather has just dropped.  These last few days it has been cold and we have got a lot of snow.

Thursday we had zone conference which was awesome and great.  We were able to learn a lot about faith and such.  That was a good day.

Friday we learned that Bruce committed suicide and was successful.  This was a complete surprise.  We have been working with him for the last month, he came to know the Book of Mormon was true and he had a baptismal date.  That threw us into a lot of family drama in which we were able to meet with his significant other.  Now we are helping her come to find peace during this tough time.  To go along with all this drama we get to attend a funeral today.  We get to speak and say a prayer.  Now the hard thing is getting to the funeral.

Saturday was a good day. We were able to get our University of Akron poster almost complete. We just have to post things on the board to make it go forward. I was also asked to teach gospel doctrine the next day.  We didn't have a manual or anything of the sort to teach.  I also had to speak the following day.

Sunday comes up and I get a manual while I attend the ward and so I'm planning my lesson during sacrament meeting and Sunday school while also trying to finalize my talk.  We had branch council and a meeting with the Tallmadge bishop. It just was crazy but I was real glad when it was all over.  The best part comes after church.  We were driving to our din din appointment and some guy swerves into our lane and doesn't stop or slows down and hits us.  We swerved out of the direct hit but needless to say our car was gone.  They had to tow it and so we are now asking for rides from everyone else.  This leads to today. We have no way to get to the funeral to speak. It's in Canton and we live in Cuyahoga Falls. A long way.

So Monday we biked to Raju and reset his date for the 8th of April.  He was relieved and we were too.  We thought we lost him this last week because he was starting to show those signs of not being interested any more.  Luckily we met with him and he was just super busy and had a lot of work. We also saw our truck and a big piece from the bottom of the truck fell out.  We also learned that the soonest we can get a car would maybe be this weekend. We cried.

Tuesday was horrible weather.  It just was snowing a cold.  We luckily were on exchanges and split the car for half the day. When I ended up walking I wore everything winter I had.  From 2 scarves to 2 layers of socks.  It was cold.  We entered a members home and they were just shocked that we would walk to their house in the snowy weather.  Luckily we were able to help her out and giver her son a Book of Mormon.  He was really happy and didn't let go of it the extent of the time we were there.

I look back at this last week and I just laugh.  It's been crappy but just laughing about the struggles makes them so much better.

So that was my week. I'm alive and well but thanks for tuning in the the life and struggles of Elder Vance. 

"Remember how the Savior handled tough questions... He remained calm, He showed respect, and he taught truth, but he never forced anyone to live the way he taught."—Elder Ronald A. Rasband

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