Thursday, April 20, 2017


I survived Ohio this week.  With all the things going on I survived.

Steve Stephens wasn't close to me. It was actually in my old area but not close to me.
Ohio allergies almost took me down.
I got Hives  this last week. They are gone now.
I survived.

So attached is the picture of our neighbors. The one to the left is Dave who we like more than Frank, the one on the right. He has talked to missionaries before because he parties in one of the garage doors just down from ours.  He is usually drunk and just spats of crap.  This picture was taken because he got a selfie stick off of a bottle of alcohol and was just going ham with it.  When we see him our usually response is "there goes the rest of our night". There will be more coming from Dave in future emails.

This week we met once again with our friend from the Congo.  We went over the importance of the Book of Mormon and also showed him the many church building in his home land.  He was surprised about the latter thing and we hoped it helped him gain more of a testimony.

We also met with our Turkish friends. Tuncay is questioning his religion a lot more than Tugba. We invited the to church and they said that they would come. It will be great to see them when they do.

Otherwise we had interviews this week. We have zone conference next week. We also went to the temple today. Things are going well.

Heard this talk the other day and I liked this quote.
“Some things can only be learned by faith.” —Elder Dallin H. Oaks

Elder Vance

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