Monday, April 17, 2017


I made it on someone's snap story this week. We were riding our bikes on Monday and we saw to guys getting out of their car. We talked to them and we made a deal that we could get his info if we would take a picture with him to put on his snap story. I thought it was a fair trade.

These last 2 days we have been biking. We let the Cleveland Elders use our car for these last 2 days because they have a lot of referrals. I remembered how we had a whole bunch and so we had sympathy and let them use it. It has been a lot of fun biking. We have been able to talk to so many people and saw miracles from it.

I can now add a country of someone I have taught. Democratic Republic of the Congo is where he is from. His name is Adolphe and he is just so prepared to hear the gospel. When he heard our message he was asking why the world hasn't come to accept this marvelous event in human history. It was so cool to see his faith as we taught him.

We are also teaching a guy named Martin.  We met him biking 2 weeks ago and haven't been able to get in contact until now.  We met him outside and taught him the Restoration. It was so great.

We are slowly but surly finding people to teach.  A new idea we are going to try this next week is playing ultimate frisby with the youth and anyone else that would like to attend. We are hoping that they would invite their friends out and that we could possibly get them to come to church or investigate.

That has been pretty much my week!

"May we recalculate our route if need be and look forward with great hope and faith. May we “stand up inside” by being valiant and “all in.”"
Elder Gary B Sabin

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