Sunday, June 11, 2017

7 moe day

Well the time is coming short.  I don't know how much I'll write this week or if I'll even write next week.  We will see.

We haven't found anyone new to teach this week.  It's a lot more difficult with people who know what they want and are comfortable with their religion.

We were able to help Paul out this week.  We found someone from who spoke Romanian and let her and Paul talk.  Paul was a little stubborn and said that he wanted to speak to a native speaker.  This is hard because there are none in our area that is a native Romanian and knows about the Book of Mormon. It's just a struggle.  The person from is helping us to get someone from Romania to help.

About 2 days ago we met a Stayshawn (male) who just lost a cousin to a drive by shooting in East Cleveland off of E30th and around Cedar. He said that he and his mother (Shawn) would like some comfort and would like to hear our message.  We went back the following day but they flamed us. The house smelt really strongly like weed.  We are going to try and meet with them but I just wanted to inform you on potential names you can name people.

Time goes on.

"Waah"-Elder Vance

Love Squirrels

Lunch with Joyce and Carl Anderson

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